Monday, December 10, 2012


Who knew blogger only let you have so much storage space..... not me. I have evidently reached my photo limit and can no longer post with photos :( I guess I have two options. Pay for storage....... who want's to have to pay to blog???? or start a new blog. 

Bleaahhh curse you tiny toilet!

So I have decided to start a new blog ( i really am mad about this one... gaahh i have to redo my whole blog page and the blogs i read...)

You can now visit Our new blog at

*sigh* goodbye dear blog. You have treated us well.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I know its a little late in coming, but here it is none the less. Livi was a little Indian for her first Halloween that we dressed her up for. Last year she was just too little to fit into anything.

We had a BLAST this year! She loved wearing her costume and would not slow down for the life of her :) We wen't to my parents house and had the traditional chili and we did a Birthday pie for Josh. We went to a couple of houses around the neighborhood and then stopped by Josh's Grandparents for the annual Halloweenie roast! She loved seeing all the decorations and would just stare at people in their costumes. After stopping by the Trunk r Treat at the meachams, we let her eat her candy until she was all finished with it ( she didn't have a ton...).
My favorite part is we taught her to say "how" and pat her mouth and say "aaawww aawww".
True little Indian.
* not to shabby for my first homemade costume:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We thought it might be fun if we took Olivia to the pumpkin patch and let her pick her own this year.
Although the Patch was kinda ghetto... 
we still had fun:)

How could you not with this sweet girl!

 Notice the rotting pumpkin... i didn't notice until after i was done taking her picture:D

 She loved helping get all the goo out of the middle and loved the end results even more!

Friday, October 19, 2012


There were some who thought I was a little crazy when I went to the pet store and picked this scraggly little 6m old puppy instead of the bran new tiny one that was to be born in a week or so.  
What can I say. She picked me.
We went to the pet store to see if they had the type of dog we were going to be getting so I could see one to help hold me over until ours was ready. When I picked her up she immediately cuddled her head into my neck and stayed like that for 5 or so min until I put her back in the glass box. She hurried and jumped up on the glass and made a winey sound until I picked her up again and cuddled her. Josh just looked at me and said "your not leaving without her are you?"
We brought family to see her to help us decided. They looked at her skinny barley hair covered body and said " if thats what you really want".
OH it was!
Look how beautiful she became! 

 Suki was my first baby. 
When I was lonely up here she would cuddle by me and make me feel better.
While I was pregnant and throwing up multiple times a day, she never left my side.
She would lay on my legs as I would curl over the toilet and then lick my arm when I was done.
She would lay outside the shower waiting for me to get done or by my feet as I did dishes.
Suki was NEVER more that 2 feet away from me at all times.

 She would curl up on anything that was soft if we weren't there to lay on... blankets, shirts, purses or backpacks.
 I think this little smirk is the one I will miss the most.
 I told Josh I didn't think I would have made it through being sick with the baby if it weren't for this little dog.

i think this last one is my absolute favorite picture of her!!!
Suki I miss you so much. Thanks for all the wonderful memories you made with our family. You never had to stay home.... you were just like another kid who came everywhere with us. And I wouldn't change a thing about that ( although I would change what happened this week) LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm still in denial that my baby is ONE YEARS OLD!!! it feels like I just brought her home from the hospital.
I loved planning and getting everything ready for her little party! We had an owl themed bash and I think everything turned out way cute:D

 Her little owl cupcakes for all the guests
 Jessica and I took off all the labels for the water and slapped out own on.

 Does it sound bad if i'm so proud of how her birthday cake turned out? Cause I am!!!
 Jessica let us have it at her house ( thanks so much cuca)
 With all the hard work we did for the party this little girl zonked out on grandma right before her party

 Livs and Mom. I made her birthday outfit. A tutu and stripped leggings with a cupcake shirt. she looked darling! Although she wasn't quite sure why she had a tutu on!!!
 You can tell by the pictures who she ended up looking like:D I love that she looks like Josh. Haha after everybody left I asked Josh why he didn't even do his hair.... oops look like we were so busy that he forgot he still had bed head!

 We had lots of little party people but I can't figure out how to do a board so I'll post more of them if i ever learn how. (anyone know???)

 all she did was lick the frosting and stick her fingers in and wipe it on her face! it was pretty cute though! I'll post a video later.

 Awww she was still so tired!

Thank you so much everyone who came and celebrated the best year of our lives so far! She LOVES all of the presents that were given.... in fact she's playing with the little people car wash as we speak right now grandma!
We love Olivia so much. This past year of being parents have been amazing. No one can explain how much your going to love a little person so fast. She has us wrapped around her little finger ( josh more than i ;) ) and we couldn't be happier about it! 


Well Jessica, I have to say.... I'm pretty sure you knew that this was coming. I mean what did you expect when you pose with all the produce and then fill my camera up with LOTS of pictures of you!!!

For those of you who don't know.... This is Jessica. She is among other things a VERY good fruit and veggie model. I mean who else could make those look so yummy and pretty? NO one.
Her innocent face is just perfect fit for the fruit.

I get joy from this one:)

I mean who else could make her hair freeze like that?

and this one